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Chef’s Signature Burrata Mozzarrella and Sweet Chilli Jam

Kettle Foods

About the Product

A delicious combination of rich, buttery creamy cheese and a wonderful sticky jam which is packed full of the flavour of sweet chilli peppers. Based on a collaboration with quality provenance supplier Stokes® Sauces, from Woodbridge in Suffolk.


Sainsbury’s, some Tesco stores, and many independent stores

About the Producer

Kettle Foods are the producers of KETTLE® Chips and KETTLE® Bites. Coming to the UK from the US in 1988, Kettle Foods has grown into the largest premium crisp producer in the country. We’re based in Norwich, Norfolk, where over 90% of our potatoes come from within a 40 mile radius of our factory.

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Chef's Signature Burrata Mozzarrella and Sweet Chilli Jam