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Chef’s Signature Gressingham Duck with Plum Sauce & Spring Onion

Kettle Foods

About the Product

Succulent duck is combined with the fruitiness of plum sauce and the freshness of spring onion. The rich gamey meat from the UK’s leading duck brand plays a star role in this classic Asian inspired recipe, making it an extra special treat.


Ocado, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and independent stores

About the Producer

Kettle Foods are the producers of KETTLE® Chips and KETTLE® Bites. Coming to the UK from the US in 1988, Kettle Foods has grown into the largest premium crisp producer in the country. We’re based in Norwich, Norfolk, where over 90% of our potatoes come from within a 40 mile radius of our factory.

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Chef's Signature Gressingham Duck with Plum Sauce & Spring Onion