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Ghost Ship


About the Product

Adnams Ghost Ship is inspired by one of Adnams’ pubs in one of the UK’s most haunted villages, The Bell at Walberswick. The treacherous shifting sandbanks around Walberswick and the Suffolk coast are littered with eerie wrecks of ships from bygone eras. Ghost Ship is a pale ale with an assertive pithy bitterness, biscuit flavours and fresh citrus aromas. Ghost Ship was adapted from a recipe for Deathly Pale Ale. Ever heard of it? Well if you haven’t you’re not alone. Even the most avid Adnams fans would struggle with this one and with good reason, it never existed, or at least not officially…

Style: Pale Ale | Malts: Pale Ale, Rye Crystal and Cara | Hops: Citra and a blend of other American hop varieties | ABV: 4.5% | Colour: straw | Availability: Brewed all year-round in casks, bottles and cans. | Serving suggestion: Traditional Fish & Chips, or Spicy Thai and Indian food. Ghost ship can be purchased in 440ml cans, 500ml bottles and 5litre mini kegs in retail outlets, as well as in delicious pint and half pints from hundreds of pubs across the UK.


Ghost Ship can be found in many major retailers, Adnams stores and online at

About the Producer

Adnams is best-known as a brewer of beer. Whilst beer and pubs remain at the heart of our business, we also own and run three lovely coastal hotels, make our own hand-crafted spirits, import wines for our Adnams Stores and run an online store.

Based in sunny Southwold, Adnams is a company that prides itself on doing things differently.

Founded in 1872, with a passion for quality and an instinct for innovation, Adnams can be found throughout East Anglia and London today. From local grains to exotic hops and botanicals Fergus, the brewer, and John, the distiller use a wide range of ingredients to create tasty beers and spirits. At home in trendy craft beer bars, stylish restaurants and cosy pubs, Adnams works hard to ensure its impact on its community and the environment is a positive one.

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