Merry Christmas
from East Anglia

Plum & Cherry Posh Pop

Breckland Orchard

About the Product

This lovely festive tipple combines two of our favourite flavours! We love plum and we love cherries, and when you put them together they make something rather magical. A firm favourite with young and old alike…its something to really celebrate the season!


Farms shops, delis, coffeeshops or on-line from Big Barn

About the Producer

Breckland Orchard was founded by Claire Martinsen who wanted to recreate the tastes of her childhood for her own two children. Her granny Jessie made the most wonderful Lemonade which was a million miles away from Lemonades of today. The range has grown to 12 – including three zero-sugar varieties.

Other Products Include

  • Ginger Beer with Chilli Posh Pop
  • Sloe Lemonade Posh Pop
  • Zero Sugar Elderflower Posh Pop,


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